FmgFAX - X11 FAX application


(Updated October 2006)

Reading a 0.2 release of V3. Simplified front-end. Very simple sorting of junk/good faxes.

(Updated Sept 8th, 2004)

FmgFAX is a rewrite and expansion of VOCP's VOCPhax. It already does a lot more than the original VOCPhax and will only do more when the next version is posted. Specifically, I am working on a SANE interface that will allow composing and sending FAXes - if your scanner works with SANE, it will work with FmgFAX. I am also working on a GUI configuration/troubleshooter to ease the usual steep learning curve that FAX software offers.

I have not yet moved any of the sources or screenshots here. For the time being, you can see some Screenshots:

These are from the OLD home page.

If you DO currently have VOCP installed an running, you can try the last old sources. If you do NOT have VOCP installed, I suggest you hold off for the time being and let me get my act together here. The new code is a lot faster, cleaner, and way more functional. It will also make you gag less :)

The project is being [graciously] hosted by which holds the project page.

Announced decision to split off on the VOCP forums.

August 23, 2004.

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